Colours Speak All Languages



We had an exhibition of art by an international group of artists living and working in Hull opened with a wine reception and preview at the Annex, the Community Enteprise Centre, Cottingham Road on Friday 4th November, 2011.

The exhibition, Colours Speak All Languages, showcases art by local artists whose roots span the globe: English Andy Waudby, Ukranian Sergei Belov and Chilean Esteban Tejo Cifuentes (pictured).

The three artists present work in a range of media, including oils, collage and textural pieces.

The exhibition run for one week.

             The successful opening of the art exhibition ‘Colours Speak All Languages’ attracted a number of visitors to appreciate the work and contributions of local artists from the diverse communities of Hull.

The exhibition has attracted visitors from as far as Leeds, Goole and Bridlington. The comments made by visitors to the exhibition highlight the importance of community art and the ethnic elements that make their work unique and connects them with the vibrant multi-ethnic life of the City of Hull.

Artists Andy Wauldby, Sergei Belov and Esteban Tejo Cifuentes bring colours to life to communicate cultural meaning from the perspective of different ethnic backgrounds.


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