We have a small and  cosy garden behind the Annex Building. We grow our own products and plants there.  Growing our veg organically means that we grow our crop as naturally as  possible.

       Herb gardens have been popular since the Victorian times. Not only do herb plants look pretty, they also smell beautiful and  taste nice, everything you could wish for. Herbs can be grown inside, outside, in the ground or in pots.

Vegetable growing  is very satisfying. The produce is fresh, crispy and full of goodness.

Fruit growing is great too. Just think of all the lovely home made jam you can make. Yummy! Strawberries, blackberries and plums are packed with vital vitamins.

Last year  we produced a healthy amount of vegetables and flowers. 


Please have a look at the photos of our garden and VEGETABLE PLOT 2011.

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