Eastern European Cultural Market photos

CIMG6971Thank you everybody who came to the event on Sunday on 13 October 2013.It was a nice and friendly atmosphere.Czech and Slovakian biscuit was very testy with Russian hearbal tea and Latvian green fresh pepermint!Hungarian pastry is delicious.Ukrainian salo with black bread is unforgettable! English fruit jellies is very nice and sweet! Handicraft and pictures are very creative and beautiful!!!!People were happy to dance and singing a international songs . Children danced Russian Kalinka and Hungaian dance.They are learning from us our tradition how we are!Also there was the Mexican tropical tamarin juice , sweet and cakes .The Indian’s exhibition attracted children.
We were happy to celebraite our culture together Russian,Latvian,Lithuanian,Belarusian,Ukrainian,Tadzhikistanian,Gorgian,Czech,Svolak,Hungarian,Polish,English, Mexican, Indian!!!
Thank you members of The Hull Russian Community!

Have a look at Eastern European Cultural Market Photos which held on 13th of October 2013 at Hull Community Enterprise Centre.

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